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KPV for Yeast, Autoimmune Inflammation, and Accelerated Healing

Introduction Many people took a questionnaire that we made available in our blog “Fatigue, muscle aches, forgetful? Candida Overgrowth and a Helpful Diet.” If you haven’t seen this blog yet you can view it here with this link. If the scores were consistent with probable or likely overgrowth, an anti-candida diet was recommended.  The diet […]

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GHK-Cu Zn Thymulin Peptide for Hair Growth

Hi, it's Dr. Jeffrey Mark. Today I'd like to talk to you about GSK copper, zinc thymulin, a new treatment for hair loss. So many people have concerns about losing some hair; when you take a shower, some people have clumps of hair that are falling out. You may have noticed that people are commenting that their hair […]

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Supplements: Micronutrients and Mitochondria

Hi, it's Dr. Jeffrey Mark here.  Many of you have followed this series on essential supplements that we all need.   I have recommended supplements as an important part of all our programs involving anti-aging, functional, and regenerative medicine.  We’ve recently discussed how the soil no longer provides abundant nutrients, how we are feeding our livestock […]

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Why Colonoscopy over Cologuard

Hi it's Dr. Jeffrey Mark. I've had a lot of questions recently regarding colorectal cancer screening, and people have asked about colonoscopy versus the fecal immuno testing fecal DNA tests or cologuard tests. Let me tell you a little bit about the differences, and why we still follow the general guidelines for colonoscopy.  Colonoscopy is […]

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Get Back to Better Living with Functional Medicine

Your lifestyle or the environment you live in, as well as your genetic predisposition to health issues or disease, can all impact your health from multiple angles. Causes of illness or disease can often trace back to lifestyle or environmental problems. Addressing these instead of merely treating symptoms can help rebalance your overall health and […]

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Optimizing the Brain: My Top Three Favorite Nootropic Peptides

Hi, it’s Dr. Jeffrey Mark. Today I’d like to talk about 3 of my favorite peptides to improve brain health and processing power. These peptides are called nootropics. Please see my previous blogs on peptides and nootropics for a general overview. Please see the link here and below. In a nutshell, nootropic peptides are the highly functional parts of proteins used […]

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