DigestMax helps with Bloating, cramping, and food allergies

Hi it’s Dr. Jeffrey Mark. Your diet is only as good as your digestion. Think about it. Our digestive system doesn’t absorb food, it absorbs nutrients. If our bodies aren’t releasing enough stomach acid and digestive enzymes due to stress, toxins, medication use, aging or other health issues; food isn’t broken down properly, which means even though we’re eating well, our bodies aren’t absorbing all that good nutrition. Here’s the real problem with poor digestion. The negative effects go far beyond the bloating, cramping and gas that you might feel. Undigested food particles are immunogenic and have been linked to the development of food sensitivities and autoimmunity. When GI troubles happen, digestive enzymes can help. Taking digestive enzymes will help you unlock more nutrition from your food, prevent that heavy bogged down feeling after a big meal, and keep you from developing food sensitivities. All Functional Health makes a formulation of digestive enzymes called DigestMax. DigestMax provides support and is strategically designed to digest protein, carbohydrates, and fat. In the gastric phase peptidase and protease initiates protein breakdown. In the absorption phase, high concentration, pancreatic bromelain break down protein while bile extract helps emulsify fat and alkalinize the intestines to keep our gut microflora in balance. DigestMax is also geared toward people on stomach acid reducing medications that cause sluggish digestion.  DigestMax includes the traditional bitter herbs gentian root and artichoke leaf along with 20 plant based digestive enzymes that work in a broad pH range. To start, bitter compounds in gentian, and artichoke extracts stimulate bitter receptors in the digestive tract; causing a letdown of the gallbladder releasing digestive juices and bile to restore optimal digestive function. DigestMax also includes targeted enzymes that break down problem foods, enzymes specifically selected to break down complex immunogenic food compounds like gluten and dairy that can lead to food sensitivities. In addition, with its powerful blend of cerecalase, DigestMax is uniquely suited to break down tough plant superstructures helping you get the most out of a plant based diet. DigestMax will help you stimulate strong digestion, diminish bloating, belching and indigestion after meals. Break down problem foods that can lead to food sensitivities. And unlock more nutrition from your healthy diet. With the targeted formula DigestMax, your choice for the right digestive enzymes is easy. Get help with nutrition; eat healthy, digest more and feel better with DigestMax.

To obtain DigestMax  you can contact us at info@jeffreymarkmd.com,find us on the web at www.allfunctionalhealth.com  or call (925) 736-9828. We’ve helped thousands of people on the journey of health and look forward to helping you as well. So take care and stay healthy.

Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

Helping clients with compassionate and comprehensive medical care for over 25 years with 4 board certifications in functional medicine, gastroenterology, internal medicine, and anti-aging/ regenerative medicine . IFMCP, ABIM Gastroenterology, NPAS Internal Medicine, ABAARM.