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Functional Medicine near Carmel in

Published By: Dr. Jeffrey Mark
Date: April 04, 2024

If you're looking for a more comprehensive and personalized approach to your healthcare, functional medicine may be the answer. At the forefront of this field is Dr. Jeffrey Mark, a pioneer with over 30 years of experience practicing functional medicine near Carmel.

Dr. Mark doesn't just treat symptoms - he seeks to uncover the underlying root causes of illness through in-depth testing and a whole-body approach. His patient-centered philosophy focuses on restoring optimal health through personalized treatment plans that combine traditional and alternative therapies. Discover how functional medicine can transform your well-being.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a science-based, patient-centered approach that addresses the underlying causes of disease and promotes optimal wellness. Rather than simply treating isolated symptoms, functional medicine practitioners look at how all the body's systems interact with each other.

They examine genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence health and disease patterns.

The key principles of functional medicine include:

  • Looking at the whole person, not just isolated symptoms.
  • Identifying and addressing root causes.
  • Integrating traditional and alternative therapies.
  • Focusing on prevention through nutrition, exercise, and stress management.
  • Providing personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient.

By addressing core imbalances and dysfunctions, functional medicine aims to restore the body's ability to self-regulate and heal itself naturally. This proactive approach empowers patients to take control of their health.

Dr. Jeffrey Mark's Expertise

The Role of a Functional Medicine Doctor

With over three decades dedicated to the field of functional medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Mark has established himself as a leading expert in the Carmel area. His wealth of experience is backed by extensive training and education, including:

  • Board Certification in Functional Medicine.
  • Completed fellowships in Environmental Medicine and Chelation Therapy.
  • Continually pursues the latest research and education to expand his knowledge.

Dr. Mark's areas of specialty cover a wide range of chronic conditions and imbalances such as:

  • Autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto's, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Hormone imbalances and thyroid dysfunction.
  • Digestive issues like IBS, Crohn's, colitis, and leaky gut.
  • Cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders.
  • Neurological conditions like neuropathy and cognitive decline.

What truly sets Dr. Mark apart is his personalized approach and dedication to each patient. He takes the time to really understand your unique situation, getting to the root causes rather than just treating generalized symptoms.

With Dr. Mark's guidance, you'll be an active partner on your journey toward optimal health and vitality. His compassionate, holistic care addresses your whole being - mind, body, and spirit.

Services Offered

Dr. Mark's practice offers a comprehensive array of functional medicine services to identify and address the underlying causes of your health issues. Some of the therapies and treatments provided include:

Chronic Disease Management

From autoimmune conditions to neurological disorders, Dr. Mark can help manage and potentially reverse chronic illness through targeted nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, and more.

Hormone Imbalance Treatment

He evaluates hormone levels and resolves imbalances related to thyroid, adrenal, sex, and other hormones using bioidentical hormone therapy and botanical remedies.

Digestive Healing

Get to the root of issues like IBS, Crohn's, colitis, leaky gut, candida, and SIBO through comprehensive stool testing, dietary counseling, and natural antimicrobial protocols.

Autoimmune Condition Support

Dr. Mark specializes in uncovering triggers and calming autoimmune reactivity in conditions like Hashimoto's, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Cardiovascular & Metabolic Support

Targeted nutritional support, supplements, chelation, and lifestyle coaching to address high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood sugar dysregulation, and more.

No matter your health concern, Dr. Mark's practice utilizes advanced testing and detailed health histories to develop a truly personalized treatment plan for you.

The Functional Medicine Approach

Dr. Mark follows a comprehensive, step-by-step methodology rooted in the principles of functional medicine. This allows him to uncover the web of underlying causes contributing to your health issues.

The process includes:

In-Depth Evaluation

Your first visit begins with an extensive personal interview exploring your current health concerns, medical history, lifestyle, environmental exposures, and more. Specialized testing helps identify imbalances.

Identifying Root Causes

With a detailed understanding of your case, Dr. Mark analyzes the intricate web of potential triggers like nutrient deficiencies, toxin exposures, infections, stress, and genetic predispositions.

Customized Treatment Plans

Using this functional medicine matrix, Dr. Mark develops an individualized plan to address the root causes with precise therapies and targeted natural protocols.

Lifestyle Modifications

Sustainable health requires making positive changes. Dr. Mark provides guidance on diet, exercise, stress management, and other lifestyle factors to support your body's healing process.

Through this comprehensive approach focusing on both internal and external factors, functional medicine facilitates the body's innate ability to restore balance and proper regulation of interconnected systems.

Schedule a Consultation

Take the first step towards optimizing your health and vitality. Call our office today at +1 925-736-9828 or by entering your customized details on this page to schedule an in-depth consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Mark.

Let this experienced functional medicine expert help you achieve comprehensive wellness and balance.

Our practice is conveniently located at 111 Deerwood Rd # 168, San Ramon, CA 94583, United States. We look forward to starting your journey towards better health!

Dr. Jeffrey Mark
With over thirty years of experience, Dr. Mark is a leading expert in holistic gut health. His integrative approach combines conventional medicine, functional and regenerative medicine, and advanced therapies to heal the gut and transform patient health. Holding 5 board certifications, Dr. Mark offers the comprehensive expertise of five medical specialists during each patient visit. He is dedicated to optimizing wellbeing by addressing the gut-related root causes of chronic health issues.
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