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KPV for Yeast Autoimmune Inflammation and Healing Benefits

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Published By: Dr. Jeffrey Mark
Date: November 16, 2022


Many people took a questionnaire that we made available in our blog “Fatigue, muscle aches, forgetful? Candida Overgrowth and a Helpful Diet.”

If the scores were consistent with probable or likely overgrowth, an anti-candida diet was recommended.  The diet is difficult because avoiding simple carbohydrates and sugar is not easy.

The problem with candida overgrowth is that candida gets us on a self-feeding cycle of consuming more sugar to satisfy cravings from the overgrowth and infestation. This increases the candida population further.

Sugar wreaks havoc on our insulin regulation leading to becoming overweight and heading down towards diabetes. Our immune system also takes a significant hit.

Other treatments for yeast and candida overgrowth

Traditionally anti-fungal medications including nystatin and fluconazole can be considered as treatment.

They can cut down the population of yeast and candida but there are side effects and overgrowth can recur often after completing the course of therapy.

There is a peptide that works very well as a more complete solution. It’s for those who want to heal the gut and microbiome and prefer a more natural and non-medicinal approach.

This peptide is called KPV. If you need a refresher on what peptides are and how they peptides work you can follow the link here.

What is KPV?

what is kpv

KPV is the active end part of a larger melanocortin peptide called alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH).

Alpha MSH is made in the pituitary gland and is responsible primarily for energy balance. It can be taken orally as a capsule, as a cream through the skin, or as an injectable.

KPV Benefits

KPV is a natural antimicrobial peptide

KPV, among other things, is a natural antimicrobial peptide (AMP). KPV has been shown in studies to kill Candida albicans (the most common strain of candida) with over 99% efficacy.

Combining KPV with the anti-candida diet can completely resolve candida overgrowth for most people.

KPV has also been shown to be very effective in inhibiting the growth of Staphylococcus Aureus.

The added benefit is that KPV is also a natural biological molecule with anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to accelerate the healing of various wounds.

This allows for the treatment of the inflammatory immune processes and avoids the common side effects of antifungal and antibacterial medications.

KPV Reduces Inflammation

reduce Inflammation

In addition to its anti-candida treatment properties, it also works to restore microbiome balance and treat SIBO infections, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and Inflammatory bowel diseases like Ulcerative Colitis and  Crohn’s disease.

It can minimize tumors. In fact, any inflammation affecting the body as a whole will be diminished.

As a melanocyte-stimulating hormone ( MSH ) analog, KPV regulates mast cells in your immune system.

These mast cells release histamine and are responsible for the many bad inflammatory symptoms such as itching, flushing, and anxiety.

People suffering from mold toxicity, pain, and allergies have an abnormally significant amount of inflammation including histamine release from mast cells.

KPV can help stabilize mast cells. KPV can be a game changer for those who are suffering from histamine overload, hives,  Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), and psoriasis.

KPV Accelerates Healing

KPV has also been shown to accelerate healing. Studies have shown that KPV can blunt or eliminate the formation of blisters, cracks, or crevices on the skin.

It has been shown to improve the organization of collagen fibers and limit the formation of scar tissue after wounds.

A study in rabbits with corneal abrasions or surface injury to the cornea of the eye that received eyedrops of KPV had accelerated complete healing without any scarring within 60 hours.


KPV as part of an Immune balance regimen

KPV can be used in combination with other peptides to correct and balance immune dysfunction such as many autoimmune diseases.

Amlexanox, Thymosin Alpha 1, and LL-37 can work synergistically with KPV. These combinations can treat infections,  chronic pain, fibromyalgia, inflammation, gut issues, and immune dysregulation.

If you would like to use KPV for its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and pro-healing effects in a personalized treatment plan, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Take Care and Stay Healthy,

Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

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Jeffrey Mark, M.D.


Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

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He stands against a blurred, green outdoor background
Dr. Jeffrey Mark
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