Let’s Get A Better Night Of Deeply Regenerative Slow Wave Deep Sleep

Delta-Sleep Inducing Peptide (DSIP)

When was the last time you were able to get a great night’s rest with deeply regenerative slow-wave Delta sleep where you would experience vividly pleasant dreams?  Slow-wave sleep or Delta sleep follows stage 2 sleep and is characterized by polymorphic, semi-rhythmic delta waves accounting for at least 20% of the EEG activity during the sleep cycle. Slow-wave delta sleep is characterized by relative body immobility and occurs maximally in young children and dramatically declines as we age.  It is estimated that we lose about 7% of slow-wave delta sleep every 5 years between the age of 5 and 15, and it continues to decrease by at least 2% per decade of age.  In young adults, slow-wave delta sleep may have declined to 13-28% of their sleep cycle. By the age of 60, slow-wave delta sleep may consist of only 2% of our total sleep time or is no longer present in the adult population.  However, men tend to lose slow-wave delta sleep more quickly than women, therefore the deeply regenerative slow-wave delta sleep may disappear in men well before they reach age 60.  The decrease in slow-wave delta sleep is often the cause of frequent daytime sleepiness and necessitates the need for naps during the day to restore daytime function in adults.

At All Functional Health, we are now offering a new and effective drug-free solution to your acute or chronic problem with insomnia, poor quality of sleep, and other sleep issues.

Delta-Sleep Inducing Peptide (DSIP) was first studied in the laboratories using rabbits to conduct research involving the cerebral venous circulatory system during sleep.  The rabbits were subjects of sleep studies and the results of using electrical stimulation in the intralaminal thalamic area which produced Slow-Wave Sleep (SWS) were duplicated by the use of a natural peptide called DSIP.

Later, research using DSIP was repeated in several other species, and preclinical studies produced similarly positive effects in subsequent sleep studies. One study was done using the application of EEG to measure the effects of DSIP on sleep in regular subjects.   Other studies have been conducted to measure the efficiency of DSIP in the treatment of insomnia which suggested that the mechanism of DSIP is initiated in the initiation of sleep.

Although not everything is known about COVID-19,  we do know that one of the best things you can do if you do get sick with COVID-19 or any virus is to get plenty to sleep. Your body needs sleep to regenerate, repair, and fight off any illness or infection.  Getting consistent good quality sleep is an important step in boosting your immune system naturally.  Taking proactive steps to increase the quality and quantity of sleep is a wise and necessary precaution in lowering your chance of getting sick.

Conversely, if you do not get enough sleep, it lowers your immunity and predisposes you to contract communicable diseases more easily. When you sleep, your immune system releases cytokines which play a significant role in how your immune system functions. According to a research article Brain, Behaviour and Immunity, lack of sleep may alter cytokines and affect the immune system response which is particularly important during this time when COVID and Monkeypox are still spreading and surging.

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Dr. Frances Mark, Pharm.D.