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Platelet Concentrate

Platelet concentrate therapy is a cutting-edge medical procedure that utilizes a patient's own blood platelets to promote natural healing and tissue regeneration.

What is Platelet Concentrate?

Conventional treatments for pain, hair loss, and long-haul COVID symptoms often rely heavily on medications, which may not address the root cause of these issues. Dr. Mark, understanding these limitations, offers a more holistic and effective approach through regenerative therapies. He evaluates your medical history and current condition to see if you're a fit for Platelet Concentrate therapy, a method that goes beyond mere symptom management. Additionally, Dr. Mark utilizes exosome injections, sourced from human skin cells, as a powerful regenerative treatment. This approach is particularly beneficial for conditions like sun-damaged skin, where traditional methods fall short. By focusing on the regenerative capabilities of peptides, Dr. Mark's treatments aim to provide lasting solutions, not just temporary relief.

Platelet Concetrate comes from your blood and contains particular growth factors that trigger healing and regeneration in your body. By injecting high concentrations of Platelet Concentrate into an area of concern, Dr. Mark can help you regrow your hair, find relief from chronic pain, reduce inflammation, or improve your mobility.

Using Autologous Platelet Concentrate, Dr. Mark can treat a variety of soft tissue injuries, like torn ligaments or muscles. He also creates innovative treatment plans at The Real Gut Doctor using Platelet Concentrate for:

  • Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Infertility
  • Hair Growth
  • Vaginal Revitalization

How does Platelet Concentrate therapy work?

Platelet Concentrate therapy is an in-office, two-step minimally invasive process. To access the needed Platelet Concentrate for your treatment, Dr. Mark draws a sample of your blood. He separates Platelet Concentrate from other blood materials in a centrifuge, which quickly spins the blood to isolate Platelet Concentrate. Once prepared, Dr. Mark injects the Platelet Concentrate into specific areas of your body based on your treatment plan.

When using Platelet Concentrate for injuries, injections stimulate your body’s natural healing processes and the growth factors aid in repairing damaged areas of tissue. Over time, new cells replace damaged ones, improving your mobility, and easing pain.

If you are undergoing Platelet Concentrate therapy to revitalize your vaginal health, injections stimulate new, healthy collagen that plumps vaginal tissue to reduce chronic dryness, support your bladder, and improve your sexual satisfaction.

Injections of Platelet Concentrate can also be beneficial for treating infertility in men and women. Platelet Concentrate can rejuvenate your ovarian health by stimulating new tissue growth that supports a healthy pregnancy. For men, Platelet Concentrate therapy can increase sperm production in the testicles to improve the chances of conception.

Dr. Mark also offers Platelet Concentrate therapy as a strategy for hair restoration. Platelet Concentrate for hair loss is one of the most viable options for achieving a fuller head of hair naturally.

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How does Platelet Concentrate promote hair growth?

Injections of Platelet Concentrate into your scalp can revive inactive hair follicles and trigger new, healthy hair growth. Platelet Concentrate for hair loss has a track record of proven results in patients who wish to recover thicker and fuller hair.

Dr. Mark also offers additional treatments for thinning or lost hair, including red light therapy. This treatment uses low-level laser lights to target hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth. To support your results, Dr. Mark may recommend Nutrasome hair thickening shampoos and serums.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of Platelet Concentrate for hair loss, injuries, or anti-aging, schedule a discovery call at The Real Gut Doctor. You can use the online booking feature or call the office today.


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