Energy Medicine

Have you recently been getting less quality sleep, more irritable with people around you, or less patient with simple things like waiting in lines? Have you had any body aches and pains without any obvious cause? Do you feel less confident and secure in the world today? In energy medicine we can measure the body’s electromagnetic field for changes in the field from imbalances, deficiencies, or blockages that can then be addressed by energy in the form of specific frequencies. The Bioenergy scan is painless, takes less than 1 minute, and can give information on physical, emotional and nutritional health. It is done in the office from a “mouse like” device.

For treating a specific problem, energy medicine works by changing the body field and the state of molecules, tissues and organs but can be done by sending a frequency much like a radio transmission, musical instrument or a key fob that opens a specific car door. Whether you’ve had a recent sprained ankle, have had chronic joint pain, or inflammatory bowel disease these signals can reduce the inflammation. Neck pain from cervical nerve injury, low back pain, or other nerve pain can be treated more efficiently and quickly without the use of drugs. Stress can be reduced without meditation or medications. Cellular energy can be increased by 500%.

To heal, the injured area needs access to the body’s resources, activation of the right genes (and balancing the inflammatory genes), and an adequate supply of energy. With energy medicine you could increase the body’s vascular access to the injured area, activate the right genes to speed up the healing process, and increase the supply of cellular energy by 500%. All this without drugs, needles, or surgery. If you would like a bioenergy scan and or treatment with energy medicine, please email, schedule a consultation at, or call 925-736-9828. Take care and stay healthy.

Jeffrey Mark, M.D.