Peptide Medicine

Welcome to The Real Gut Doctor. We are an innovative medical and wellness institute that is deeply committed to getting to the root cause of your health concerns and challenges. We provide highly individualized assessment and treatment plan that fits your unique needs. The staff at The Real Gut Doctor are here to help you optimize your health, wellness, lifestyle, and fitness goals and maximize your vitality. We provide services to our clients in California and via telehealth out of the state and internationally.

The Real Gut Doctor is well known for providing cutting-edge therapies, top-of-the-line nutraceuticals, difficult-to-source and hard-to-compound peptides, bio-identical hormones, injectables, and other tailor compound pharmaceuticals all sourced from 503a Registered facilities. Many laboratory test kits and treatments can be shipped privately to the comfort of your home.

Dr. Jeffrey C.G. Mark, M.D. is Qunituple Board Certified in Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Obesity Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Internal Medicine. He is also trained in Biocelluar Therapy, Integrative Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, TCM principles, and is an Advanced Frequency Specific Microcurrent practitioner. Rest assured that Dr. Mark would incorporate his expertise, knowledge, and over 2 decades of clinical experience to help solve your pressing medical concerns. Dr. Mark is frequently sought out for second opinions from all over the country and internationally.